A hidden gem of a location in the hills of a natural park, one hour from Seville, Northern Andalucia. Expect a vibrant experience, fantastic daylight and the darkest skies awash with shooting stars. Having inhabited the area for over 20 years, the Think Electric team are well equipped to facilitate any production, tailored to your specific needs.


The landscape - Dusty fields dotted with umbrella palms, magnificent oak, and olive trees in the summer. Rich floral fields in the spring with abundant wildlife including the Iberian Minx and birds of prey such as vultures and eagles. Huge imposing boulders scattered across the countryside make for an incredible backdrop.


The town - Lined with orange trees, whitewashed winding streets, storks nesting on chimney tops, roman churches, monasteries and liqueur factories a mix. In August the town is alive when the annual Romaria celebration commences, the streets are crammed with horse and carts, the town folk in full flamenco dress, singing, dancing and clapping until the early hours.


Nearby - Waterfalls, roman settlements, Spanish horses roaming free, clean running rivers with old cattle driving paths, a complex cave system and of course the vibrant and colourful Seville.